Festimi I Vitit të ri

Lëvizja e te rijve në bashkëpunim me Këshillin e Përgjithshem organizon
mbrëmje gazmore për natën e Vitit të Ri për të gjithë anëtaret dhe
familjet e tyre të cilet nuk kan planifikuar asgjë deri më tani. Për më
shume informata lexoni në vazhdim.
Realizing this is extremely short notice and understating that most of
you already have plans, the Lëvizja group, in collaboration with the
Board, would like to organize an informal New Year’s Eve gathering with
family and friends at the AACC for those members who do not have any
particular plans. The gathering will be from 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. See
details below:

• Location: 90 Riverdale Rd, Riverdale, NJ 07457
• Adults: $50.00
• Children 11 to 17: $15.00
• Children 10 and under are FREE
• Food, snacks and beverages will be provided, however, you’re
welcomed to bring anything extra.
• Pursuant to the Organization’s policy, rules and regulations and
to avoid legal implications, alcoholic beverages will not be served and
will not permitted on the premises
• There will be live DJ music

Again, this would be an informal gathering so there are no tickets. The
entry fee will be at the door upon arrival. All proceeds will be applied
towards the outstanding mortgage as well as ongoing construction
projects. Thus, your participation would be most deeply appreciated.

Due to time constraints, in order to make this gathering possible and to
make the necessary preparations, e.g. food order, setting up, etc.,
please respond by December 26 either to this post or alternatively to



Among several members of the Albanian American Cultural Center are those that demonstrate their dedication through their hard work and participation. Their continued volunteer work with a “don’t stop – keep it moving” policy clearly shows their genuine intention for the betterment, growth, development and future of this organization. In other words, they truly “care” about OUR organization where the general welfare of the AACC is paramount.

I don’t regard them as mere volunteers – I regard them as great people, bold leaders with strong personalities and each with a great noble character. They lead with their unique values and relationships and it is well documented that leading through relationships is the basis of leadership. They get along with others and value others. They lead and inspire because of who they are and how they interact with others. Most importantly, they don’t depend on their position or the lack thereof to influence the actions of others.

They don’t focus on differences which is the major cause of division. They recognize only one thing, that regardless of where you may come from, where you were born, what your dialect is, where you reside, what faith you adhere to, etc., the sole relevance that binds us together is that very fact that we’re Albanian with one flag, one language, one community, the same origin, and we should never lose sight of this.

Thus, I just want to personally thank them all for their continued hard work and dedication. We are the people, we are the Albanians and without us, this organization will not thrive, therefore, come Join Our Movement!

Ramazan Zuberi

92.3 AMP Radio Says Era is a Megastar

AMP Radio: Take a second to think of voices such as Rihanna & Sia. They are both known worldwide because of their unique way to produce beautiful and almost seductive songs for all of our enjoyment. Now imagine if you were able to combine both of these superstars to get one megastar!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to Era Istrefi.
Get To Know 92.3 AMP ‘End of Summer Party’ Performer Era Istrefi

Shkolla Shqipe Fillon më 18 Shtator

Të nderuar prindër dhe nxënës të Shkollës Shqiptare; Mirësevini në vitin e ri shkollor 2016/2017. Mësimi fillon ditën e Dielë me datën 18 Shtator në ora 10 para dite.

Ju lutemi të paraqiteni për regjistrimin e fëmijëve tuaj te QENDRA KULTORORE SHQIPTARO AMERIKANE.

Regjistrimi bëhet ditën e Mërkurë me 14 Shtator nga ora 6PM deri në 9PM dhe të Shtunën me 17 Shtator nga ora 10am deri 2PM.

Me konsideratë dhe respekt ju kujtojmë; së bashku me regjistrimet e fëmijëve tuaj të plotësoni edhe pagesën e antarësisë për këtë vit shkollor.



(nënshkrimi në origjinal)

Form e regjistrimit ON-LINE është këtu
Student registration form

2016/2017 Academic Year

Greetings Members and Community,

​The yearly activities for the 2016-2017 academic year at the Albanian American Culture Center of Riverdale, NJ will begin on Sunday September 18th. We are pleased to continue our strong foundation of Albanian Culture and religion within our organization. We embrace these years and look forward to prosper and make our family connection even stronger than before. Ever since our beginnings from Paterson, NJ we have never backed down on such a prestigious program, lets continue this excellence and pass on to the generations to come and Be Proud!
Please if you have not done so, please submit your yearly family membership of $250. The deadline to sign up for dance, school and religion will be no later than Wednesday September 14th 2016. In this memo I would like to go over some rules, expectations and logistics for the academic year.